Preventative Treatments

Preventative Hygiene

Prevention is one of the major keys to success in dental health. The Asera Dental Team is here to help you maintain a level of overall oral health.

Prevention starts with regular brushing and flossing. We will help you with your technique to ensure that your home dental routine is as effective as it can be.

Regular visits to the dentist every four to six months, combined with good home care, are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Combined with a good home care regimen every four to six months will yield the maximum benefits.

Your regular dental visit will include a dental exam. This exam will include:
-Dental xrays to detect tooth decay, tooth infection, cysts, tumours, and bone loss.
-An oral cancer screening of the face, neck, and inside the mouth for any signs of oral cancer.
-Checking your gums for any signs of disease.
-An examination of your existing fillings and crowns.

A regular cleaning helps maintain healthy teeth. While you are in our office, our skilled hygiene team will gently remove plaque and tartar deposits. We then finish the cleaning with a dental polishing to remove any stains and existing plaque.

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